Bucketlist Travel

You have worked hard all your life, now is the time to see the world and check off the bucketlist adventures you have always dreamed of! 

Natalie has personally taken many of the most sought-out bucketlist adventures. From a hot air balloon ride in Capadoccia, Turkey to an African safari, exploring the canals of Venice, Italy and gorilla trekking in the mountains - she can help you plan the vacation of your dreams. She can plan every aspect of the trip, customizing it to your travel style & preferences, and even offers access to VIP treatment with the world's best luxury hotels, tour companies, and cruises. 

Bucketlist adventure ideas

  • Expedition cruise to Antarctica

  • River cruise through Europe

  • Experience the Northern Lights

  • The Galápagos Islands

  • Visit the Taj Mahal

  • Great Wall of China

  • Gorilla trekking

  • Hot air balloon over the wildebeest migration in Africa

  • African safari

  • Machu Picchu