Alaska Cruise

It's time to consider one of the best vacations and you need not leave the United States.

I have been on The Alaska Cruise five times and each time there are new discoveries.

I recommend the inside passage, where at all times before you reach your first port, there is nature and wildlife on each side of the ship. With small villiages or you ask how did that log cabin manage to be built in the middle of no where.

If you decide to leave out of Seattle, I highly recommend to go go early and explore seattle and maybe spend two days over on Friday Island. The Ferry takes you over and you leave the outside world behind to a charming port town.

Of course once in Seattle try all the Seafood you can manage to eat.

If you have time, the extended cruise especially on Princess is with taking in Danlie National Park, it is a must you take the train, Princess has this excursion to a science. You will see a National Park in the most primitive state but breathtaking

The cruise itself, take the best excursions to the Glaciers, fish for salmon , and the best , which you have to sign up early is the Whale Watching, the best time to go is Starting the end of May , when all the wildlife comes out, especially the Newborns, from seals, to Bears, to Wolfs. 

If you have children, the Disney Cruise Line is the best but all ships have activities for children for all ages. For the age group of 25 to 90 is Princess and Norwegian cruise line.

All the cruises will take you to the calving of the glaciars, which is the deep blue ice, breath taking.

Leaving out of Canada, is equal fun, when you can explore Vancouver try for the most stops you can find. There is nothing on The Alaska cruise that you won't want to go back and relive the experiance.

I do not recommend at the end of the summer going into Fall, it's the end of the season for the ships, the wildlife has left. Just being honest folks.

My next cruise blog will be the Baltic - stay tuned!