This is the information for LTHS parents of Band & Football students to book, & pay for a round-trip ticket on a Charter Bus leaving from LTHS on the day of the game.  Please see the Terms & Conditions of purchase and refund policy before purchasing. Each away game will have 1 bus chartered, and depending upon demand, additional buses can be added. 

Also, everyone is required to fill out this form that will be riding the bus to release liability - form which will be available at bus check-in.

* Tickets are $64/pp for one seat round trip. 40 seats/bus are available
* This is a non-refundable ticket unless the charter is cancelled. If the charter does not fill - parents will be notified for a refund.
* If on the Monday night before the game we have not sold at least 50% of the charter, it will be cancelled and all funds returned to parents.

* Rider must be at LTHS 15 minutes before bus departures or they forfeit their seat, and no refunds will be given.  
* There is a bathroom on-board and storage below the bus.

Sept. 7th - bus cancelled! - not enough seats booked.

Payment Link here